Cluster Swappin

January 11, 2008 – 7:17 am

I am trying to use as many of the WRX electronic systems as I can so my goal is to integrate the WRX gauge cluster. I have seen this kind of swap done in GC/F Imprezas but not in the BD/G/K Legacy so before I get into the harness merge I need to make sure it’s going to work!

I started by taking the clear shield and shroud off both clusters, then tried putting the Legacy shroud over the WRX cluster. As you can see the fit actually isn’t that bad as the Legacy cluster is a bit taller than the GC cluster so the top of the tach doesn’t get cut off.


Right now the plan is to cut the 3 mounting tabs off the WRX cluster and modify the Legacy shroud to fit the cluster a little better. Along the bottom I may be able to use the factory clips (with some modifications) to hold them together, at the top I’ll probably have to make some brackets to hold everything together. The stock Legacy mounting points are all present on the shroud so it should bolt in with minimal modifications to the dash itself, I’ll just have to shim the lower mounts a bit.

I will have to drill a new hole in the legacy clear shield because the trip reset switch is in a different spot on the WRX cluster and I don’t think it will be possible to fill the old one, but I can deal with that. I also need to figure out how/whether to fill the gaps at either side of the cluster.

On the whole, it seems like it just might work!

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