Another work weekend

January 28, 2008 – 6:37 pm

The car project has been quite neglected lately, as we’ve been spending every weekend working on the apartment in Albany. The good news is that it is finally getting close to being done and ready to rent out.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take any photos this weekend, but I’m planning to take plenty next weekend once everything is finished off and the place is cleaned up. It’s been a long road but the end seems to be in sight.

That said, I have made a little progress on the swap. The WRX bulkhead harness was a bit of a mess so I’ve been working my way through identifying all the connectors and getting everything untangled and routed to the proper locations, this isn’t quite finished but is already looking a lot less scary than it did.


I also received my new ClutchMasters Stage1 clutch and DomTune BCS.


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