Slow Going

March 4, 2008 – 7:50 am

Just a quick update, things are still progressing slowly as it’s really hard to find time to work on the car…more details on why that is to follow…

Currently I’m working on sourcing a WRX fuel tank and charcoal canister and assorted other small parts. Basically everything is out of the car at this point and I’ve started work on removing all the old bushings in preparation for the new group-n stuff.

Wiring is also progressing slowly, I’ve stripped out the HVAC wiring from the legacy harness and need to get the WRX harness into the car so I can start getting the dash assembled and see where everything needs to go.

I would like to use the ABS system from the WRX, but it looks like that will require bending up new hard lines to match the different pump. I’ll have to grab some ss tubing and a bender and give it a shot.

Also on the to-do list is getting the flywheel out to be resurfaced and picking up some dry ice to remove all the old asphalt sound deadening.

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