Transmission Installed

March 9, 2008 – 6:17 pm

This weekend I actually managed to find some time to work on the car, a welcome change!

First up, I picked up 20lbs of dry ice and removed all the sound deadening from the floor. The process was pretty cool and very easy, spread the ice around and wait while it flash freezes the old sound deadening and actually cracks it off the floor, then break it off with a big screwdriver. I pulled out about 12lbs of old tar-based sound deadening, which will be replaced with new RAAMmat.


Once that was done I turned my attention to the transmission. This was pretty much ready to go in, just bolted it up to the legacy subframe and raised it into place. I was able to re-use my kartboy shift lever and installed the new kartboy rear mount. It took a little messing around to get the bolts on the rear shift mount to line up but otherwise everything went smoothly.


In those pics you can also see that I got the WRX front harness into the car, I’m trying to decide the best way to handle merging over all the headlight, foglight, indicator, horn & radiator fan wiring. At this point I’m thinking it will be easiest and cleanest to merge the WRX and Legacy harness inside the fender, though I still have to figure out how I’m handling the ABS as the legacy harness has some wiring for that routed along the bottom of the radiator.

Finally, I cleaned the rust off the rear crossmember and painted it with POR-15, along with the rear lateral links. I haven’t used this stuff before but hopefully it will hold up well. Getting into all the nooks & crannies in the crossmember wasn’t fun, not sure how keen I am on going through it all again to topcoat it…


Once the paint is dry I’m going to have a go at installing the new bushings in the crossmember. I’m not even going to try doing the lateral links, trailing arms or lower arms myself, they’ll be taking a trip to visit a 20-ton press.

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