Legacy, Meet EJ20

July 1, 2008 – 10:27 pm

Today was the day for the EJ20 to finally take its place in the engine bay, a big day for any swap project.

I had prepped the motor over the weekend by bolting up the exhaust manifolds, uppipe and turbo so all that needed to be done was to lift it off the engine stand, install the flywheel & clutch and mate it to the transmission.

Everything went pretty smoothly, and it’s now safely in its new home!


I would have had this done earlier, but I ran into a small (but time-consuming) snag with the steering column. The design of the ‘combination switch’ (wiper and headlight/indicator stalks) is different enough between the legacy and impreza that I can’t use the WRX switch gear or roll connector, so I’m working my way through mating the WRX harness with the Legacy switches.

I do have the dash almost fully assembled and ready to drop in as soon as I get the wiring finished up. The passenger side is looking pretty good at this point and mostly just needs to be loomed up, but there is still a fair bit of work to do on the driver’s side.

I haven’t forgotten about the steering linkage howto, and will be posting that up over the weekend.

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