The End of the Tunnel

September 26, 2008 – 7:07 am

Things have been progressing slowly over the past couple of months for various reasons, but it is starting to feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, a good feeling!

Dad helped knock a few projects off the list while my family was visiting from Australia, making brackets for the interior fusebox, LC-1 controller and power steering fluid reservior and helping to get other parts test-fitted.

The wideband bung is in the downpipe, and most of the engine bay is finished off.  I flipped both of the firewall grommets so that the wires exit upwards away from the downpipe which helped tidy up that area immensely and also integrated the LC-1 wiring into the main harness for a cleaner look.

The front wiring harness is loomed up and in place under the radiator, along with the ABS and cruise harnesses which are routed through the passenger side fender.

With a little trimming for clearance the HVAC components and dash beam are now installed, and last night I wrapped up the wiring for the combination switch (turn signals, headlights, wipers, etc).  I still need to wire the cruise control main switch, rear defog switch, mirror controls, sunroof & finish up the audio wiring.

I’m excited to see the interior starting to come together, hopefully it won’t be long before I have the dash installed and am ready to test everything and start it up!

Mechanically, I picked up a set of Wilwood calipers and DBA rotors and I’m working on rebuilding and refinishing the calipers before they can be installed.  Everything else except the exhaust & sway bars is installed.

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