Smoke Testing

October 7, 2008 – 10:01 pm

Last night was a momentous occasion, I hooked up a battery and started testing out the electrics!

The good news is that I have working lights, mirrors, windows, wipers, keyless, alarm, horn, radiator fans, instrument cluster, ecu & obd2.  I was able to successfully read the ROM from the ecu, which is the first step towards getting the car tuned for the various engine upgrades.

The bad news is that there was a small amount of smoke.  The blower fan switch started smoking when I turned it up to 4 (the highest setting) so I need to trace that out and see what the problem is.  Other than that the other known issues are the interior door lock switches (driver’s side is reversed and passenger side doesn’t work) and the interior light dimmer switch is also reversed.  I also still have to figure out what happened to the rear defrost wiring and verify some other HVAC wiring, as well as test the audio and a couple of other systems.

Otherwise, I’ve been finishing up a few things in the engine bay, and installing a turbo heat blanket and heat wrap on the downpipe.  I’m not happy with the straps I got from JEGS for securing the wrap to the downpipe, so I’m waiting for some different ones to arrive before I get that sealed and the downpipe installed.


Cluster powered up Engine bay progress Turbo heat blanket Downpipe heat wrap

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